Desert town of Victoria, the town is very busy today, as the villagers in the town found a man not far away, the news has been enough for most people here has ecstatic. Death in the desert hinterland of this small town for many years had no one comes, and the absence of any valuable minerals, plus indifference to you in Empire of the absence of any strategic significance, there is no state interest here. While here, under the Desert Empire Shengweiduola, but tax collectors in the Empire 30 years ago because of the last die in the desert, lost deep in the future, no more people to come to this forsaken land. This person or to the nearby villagers, when hunting antelope found in the desert, Leave that carved a desert antelope quickly and cunning is the only town residents living inside the meat, then that person is unconscious lying on the back of the dunes, apparently in the desert water lost. Listening to the narrative of people back, which suddenly bustling village, many young villagers want to Xian Yixian the foreigners, after all, the latest one town has also seen an outsider\'s uncle more than 30 years old. \"Has come and lay down, but still a coma!\" U acenaphthene happiness malicious Six-year-old listening to the elders of the old mayor of alendronate, a middle-aged man said next. \"Well, what?\" Old mayor, a long white beard asked feeling. \"Strange!\" Middle-aged guy like there was something too awkward. \"What\'s the problem? Lavis.\" The middle-aged man called Lavis touched the back of the head, puzzled, said: \"He does not seem to us Weian La people, but why go so far in our place to see the way he is sacred of the Griffin Empire \"and paused, he went on narrative,\" and this man looked very strange, is not, is very, very strange! \"\" What is the situation in the end, take me to see \"old mayor quickly stood up, took the next to the servant, handing me the stick, leaning out the door. Along the way the town which saw the young girl and the boy rushed to the mayor, have come around asking: \"The Allan mayor, we can go and see this man?\" \"Yes ah, let\'s take a look outside and we What is the difference! \"a 15-year-old boy looked his face looking forward. \"My god, I heard he had blond hair! Really handsome?\" A blushing red hair girl whispered the next companion. \" I know your company Everyone in the square upper me, I\'ll see if we came.\" Allan Lavis Mayor waved away the crowd followed. Lying near the barbarian by far the hut, the old mayor would feel an instinctive fear of ... ... as an imperial soldier, fought a bloody war for years, and now 10 years no sword, but Allan did not have feelings to this fear. It was a human soul from the bottom of the most primitive fears?? Fear of the unknown life, subconsciously the old mayor, clenched the hands of hard walking stick, looked far this trip destination?? Secretary Officer\'s residence. This former secretary of the Registrar of the mansion since the exodus from the town has been empty after, but now seems to hate the sun began to change this place looked much the whole enveloped in a haze of Zhaizi. Allan entered the empty old house, from light into darkness for a while his pupil contraction, recovery from the dark old mayor was careful to identify the barbarian lying motionless. In his thin face, the normal display of the human characteristics of the full out, eyes closed slightly trembling, like living in a nightmare being, but behind his armor broken arm and could see his whole body is the color of the tattoo, the complexity of the church which bears than any Stigmata are more complicated, and lined with red blood strange symbols. Most people fear is that his right hand, no, this may not be as hands, but similar to Devil\'s claws, sharp claws like Warcraft in general all kinds of strange blood on the engraved pattern. Is such a sharp claws to alendronate in the young, and those divine kingdom of the dark warlocks Elder sister is all ▲ king  Griffin demon fighting experience so that he still often being caught in a nightmare. Sharp claws that can tear apart any form of armor, those comrades hard thick armor plate system, the same as the paper was torn. Old mayor of the heart are shaking the bed of the people ... ... issued a groan interrupted Allan mayor memories. Trance, in the darkness, the man slowly opened his eyes looking at the front of strangers. \"Young man, you wake up\" sound greetings old man interrupted my thoughts. \"Who are you, I ... ... I was there?\" Hoarse voice from his chapped lips. LWF